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Site Rules and Copyright

I reserve copyright to all original research found within this site with the exception of those items specifically noted.

NB that hotlinking to any content is denied. Hotlinking is theft of my bandwidth please remember I pay good money to provide this free resource.

I give permission for any of my original research and published transcripts to be used for personal use but NOT for commercial gain (except with my express permission). On no account is any of my research to be included in submissions to "World Family Tree TM" which of course is a vehicle for commercial gain.

If you use any of my genealogical data you must also credit the source data as defined.  Please do not alter genealogical data to make it fit your needs, if you feel details need amending contact me by E-mail first. This data at present is freely given but, if the site becomes to expensive for me to sustain, I reserve the right to charge a nominal sum for future access to certain areas, 

I have taken great care in providing this  information but cannot be held to account for it's accuracy, the user is encouraged to check against original records where at all possible. In certain burial information you may find a reference to "Burial Index Leic" or similar, this is a private index of burial transcriptions maintained by myself.

All photographs found within the site are explicitly my copyright unless stated, they can be used for non commercial purposes without my permission.

If anyone finds anything within this site that they can prove is their copyright it will be removed or credited at their instruction.

Conventions Used

  1. In the family trees and group sheets provided the following conventions have normally been applied to date entries. 
  2. Estimated dates are usually entered as "ABT.<date>". 
  3. Year only entries for birth are generally from census records.
  4. Month + year entered in birth and death fields are generally from baptismal and burial records.
  5. A full date is generally from civil registration certificates.


Nowhere do I use married names for females, if the maiden name is not available then they will have a surname UNKNOWN.

Site Navigation

I do not generally use <UP> in navigation bars but where seen it will take you to the previous menu.

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All links out of the site () should be within new windows, explore at will and the close to return to the link page on this site. I usually warn of other new window links on entry (as this page). Please report any broken links and slow pages by E-mail ASAP 

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